Personal Brand Photography is visual storytelling for your business.


We tell your brand stories through authentic images that attract your ideal clients.

You are amazing.


You own your own business. You handle your social media.

You provide rock star services and/or products to your client.

You put in more than 40 hours a week.

But your Return on Investment seems to be a bit lacking.



What if I told you that there is a way to make your life a little easier?

What if I told you that the answer lies in having the right photos to engage your audience?

Want to know more?

Then keep reading…

During a Personal Brand Photography session…

You will define the stories you want your clients to know about you, your business, and your products/services.


You will feel fabulous because you will be working with a pro who knows how to help you look your best.


You will receive beautiful, polished, authentic images that can be used for your website, your social media, promotions, advertisements, and more.


At the conclusion of your photo session, the images you choose include a commercial release.


You will no longer need to spend hours searching through stock images that match your brand because you will have a minimum of 3 months worth of alluring content.

Smart business owners realize the impact a great photo can have on their business. A photo that represents your business well allows your potential consumers to envision themselves with your product/service. Photos that portray your business authentically, show your customers, that you enjoy what you do. In an age where everyone has a computer in their pocket and the vast majority of products are researched and purchased online, personal brand photography allows them to put a face to an online entity.

Check out some of the amazing businesses I’ve had the pleasure of working with!

Imagine if you had amazing images for your website, for your social media, for your online ads, for your printed promotions.

Imagine outsourcing these photos to a pro.

Wouldn’t a professional image of a product in the hands of a satisfied customer be more valuable than the quick phone photo you took at 10pm because you realized you hadn’t engaged your audience that day?

If you had 20 images that you earmarked for social media at the beginning of each month that you could schedule to post everyday and engage your audience, stress free.

Now, imagine having your professional photographer come to you 4 times a year to ensure that you have all the images you need, wouldn’t that free up your time to work on the important things that only you can do?

What would that time be worth to you?

  • Jacki Jacob’s is an incredible photographer! She did my daughter’s photos and she made the experience fun and really captured her spirit. Jacki is so much fun to work with.

  • Jacki is both professional and personable! I had a really great time doing my photo shoot. I usually hate the camera, but Jacki knew how to make me feel relaxed and laugh! Every picture she took came out excellent, which made it hard to decide which one to go with for my Real Estate picture. Jacki is awesome. Jacki makes you feel pretty and relaxed so that your personality shines through onto the film! Can't say enough good things about her!!! If you need a professional head shot done, or any other photos she is the one to go see!

  • Such a wonderful person and a true professional. Working with her is so easy and comfortable. Unlike some photographers, she has a good sense of posing for all body shapes.

  • I had a great time at the photo shoot and Jacki has a very warm and welcoming personality. I got some good quality photos and am very happy with the pictures I chose. Thank you, Jacki!!

  • Working with Jacki Jacobs Photography is always a pleasure. She knows how to bring out your inner beauty in photos. One of my favorite things about photoshoots with Jacki is that she appreciates curvy women. She understands your insecurities and will help you conquer them! You will be amazed by the stunning results and treasure your photos for years to come.

  • I have worked with Jacki Jacobs of Jacki Jacobs Photography on many occasions; professional and personal. She is a phenomenal artistic photographer who thinks outside of the box. Her images are some of the best I have of both my work as a model and as a makeup artist. She is friendly and accommodating. She is always on time and keeps you on time as well! If you hire Jacki to be your photographer, you will not regret it. Your memories will be captured exactly how you imagined.

  • Jacki made my chaotic messy life look and feel beautiful, incorporating me personal and professional life into a cohesive brand. The way she works the camera into your experience you never feel too aware that you are being photographed and as a result there is an authenticity and ease to the photographs.

  • Jacki made me feel like a Rock Star. She knew what she was doing. She had a vision and she delivered on it. For me it was easy and it was fun and she made me feel really confident. It was all about the story and the final product and it was a truly amazing experience.

  • developed a love for my social media because of these photos and Jacki’s story planning sessions. I know what to post and have great photos to tell those stories with. My following has doubled and I’m seeing much more engagement. The images are professional but not manufactured, they look and feel like me, and that has made me more confident and proud of the content I am putting out there for my audience.

  • Working with Jacki is like hanging out with a really good friend. She’s just happens to be taking photos of you while you hang out. Half the time you don’t even realize she’s doing it, it just feels so natural. She’s always paying attention, and she just always makes you feel comfortable.