Meet Jacki…

With Jacki Jacobs Personal Brand Photography, I’m bringing personality back into business. There is a famous line from The Godfather “It’s not personal, it’s business.” Well you know what? In this day and age, it is personal.

Today’s customers are seeking a service-based business based on the person behind it and the personality of the business. There are so many people out there doing exactly the same thing that people are no longer looking for “what” you do or even “how” you do it. They want to know “why” you do it. They want to know who you are.

Bring your personality into your business — and you can’t do that without photos. You need to tell your story, your business’s story, and the best way to tell a story — because a photo tells 1000 words — is through photos.

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Who I Love to Work With

My ideal clients are women business owners. Working with creative women business owners, especially those who seek to lift up other women in business, is my passion.

These women are paying forward something that happened in the past that they’ve overcome and are shining a light on the way to success.

Businesses that are specifically designed to help women who are in similar situations to where they might’ve been, who are helping them learn from their own personal experiences, are an inspiration.

My Mission

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My Vision

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My Values

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