Can’t make it to a Jacki Jacobs Photography event? Check out these learning opportunities Jacki has compiled for you online!

Instagood Instagram

This online course is a deep dive into building an audience with your Instagram, but it doesn’t stop there.

With tips on tying together your Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter, as well as scheduling all of your content in advance, you can really make a splash with your social media presence.

This course covers what to post and when to post it. It provides you with worksheets and a formula for posting everyday to keep your audience engaged and growing.

Learn how to brand your content and be consistent.

Learn the right time to sell and how to use calls to action to drive traffic to your website or your newsletter — even get people to take action to work with you!

Learn how to take better photos, make better graphics and how to use and find hashtags to get seen.

Learn how to set up your business profile the right way and so much more.


Personal Branding

for Your Business

This online course is designed to help you create your personal brand.

The course enables you to discover and develop your why into a captivating brand story.

It teaches you how to use this brand story to write your elevator pitch and content that attracts your ideal client.

Learn how to talk about your business in a way that provokes an emotional response, because your why becomes clear and your mission is relatable.

Learn how to stand out in a technological world and make deep connections with your clients so that they come back for more and refer you to their friends.

Learn how personal branding means you are walking the walk, not just talking the talk.

It is personal and it is business.


ABC’s of Website Design

This is a six part course designed to help you plan a website design that your audience will love.

Too often as business owners we create a website that is pretty but not always user friendly or designed to speak to our audience.

This 6 part series will walk you through everything you need to have on your page down to how to brand it.

Learn how to use blogging to build that know, like, and trust factor we all struggle with as business owners.

From functionality to aesthetic appeal and storytelling, this course has got you covered.


Advanced Instagram

Rock Your Personal Brand

Free Course

Check out this link to a free course on Beta Testing for your business. This 45 minute lecture with slides gives you actionable steps you can use to start testing your new products or service and build an audience of raving fans.